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Fire alarm systems are pervasive and can be found in most places, be it your house, office, apartment, mall, or almost any other place. With their installation, fire alarm testing in Miami has also become a necessity. For this reason, we at Premier Fire Alarms And Integration Systems Installation Division Inc. have been providing our clients with services of Fire alarm system inspections & testing to fulfill the required fire alarm tests. There are numerous ways to test your fire alarm system and ensure it is working smoothly. We have filtered out the essential details about these tests and discussed them in detail below.

Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection

Instead of diving straight into the different fire alarm system inspections and testing procedures, first, let us look at what fire alarm testing is so you have a better grasp of the subject. This is essential in helping you gain a more comprehensive approach to fire alarm testing. First and foremost, there are no fundamental differences between fire alarm testing and inspection; the purpose of each is the same, and the methods are also very similar. Living in Miami, fire alarm testing in Miami is required by the authorities to ensure that your systems are up and running smoothly to ensure maximum efficiency and safety against fire incidents.

The fire alarm tests are carried out to check all the devices connected to the system, and all the components of the devices are also checked. Some routine tests are performed on these devices to strengthen the credibility of their functionality further.

Purpose of the tests and Inspection

The outline of the tests performed on the system is such that they aim to check four broad categories of fire alarm systems. Firstly, we have to initiate devices which include smoke and heat detectors, beam detectors, duct detectors, and other such devices. Next, we have notification devices that are a part of the system. These include mass notification systems, horns, chimes, speaker strobes, and various other devices built to notify users.

The third is to ensure that the sensitivity of all the initiating devices is intact and no compromises are being made as far as fire safety goes. Lastly, the fire alarm panel is also tested and inspected, so any other issues that might have been overlooked can be catered to.

The procedure of Fire Alarm System Testing

Now that we know the purpose of these tests let us see how long the tests take and how they are carried out. There are two types of tests; sensitivity test and acceptance test. The first should be performed on an annual basis after the system’s installation is complete and is aimed towards ensuring that the initiating devices can activate within time. The second type of test needs to be carried out immediately once the installation is complete. This test aims to make sure that the system that has been installed is working correctly and that there were no faults in the installation process.

Duration of these inspections and tests

The duration of fire alarm system inspections and testing is not fixed. It is entirely dependent on the size of the system. The larger the system, the longer the test will take but roughly speaking, if the system is installed in a two- or three-story building, the testing process can take up to about half a day. Looking at things on a larger scale, more extensive projects like schools, hospitals, markets, etc., can take up to two weeks.