Engineered Life Safety Systems (ELSS)

Engineered Life Safety System Services

Adequate emergency planning and installing can influence the impact of any emergency situation. It is why every business owner or building owner must take sufficient disaster management actions to keep their property and people safe.
In an unlikely event, having properly engineered life system systems and proper emergency planning and training can not only aid in preventing property loss, injuries, and loss of life and minimize the risk while ensuring an overall safe work environment.

What is an ELSS?

An ELSS or Engineered Life Safety System provides high-level protection, which is better than an entire life safety sprinkler system. This engineered life safety system concept is required to be developed by a team of professional, experienced engineers. Experts at Premier Fire Alarm Systems are the best and most experienced in their field. 

An Engineered Life Safety System (ELSS) consists of three integral components:

  • Systemized compartment to restrict the fire from spreading. 
  • High-quality integrated smoke detection and alarm system. 
  • A partially automated life safety sprinkler system.  


Engineered Life Safety Systems

Our Engineered Life Safety Systems are designed with the needs of building owners and property managers in mind. We know all the various services required for Engineered Life Safety Systems and are well aware of the difficulties you face to find reliable, experts who complete the project on-time and at an affordable rate. We are here to help with the following services

  • Fire code issues
  • Expert life safety analysis
  • Contractor choices
  • Budgeting needs

Our team of associates consists of professionals with licenses and certifications in several areas such as national certification in engineering technologies for fire alarm (Nicet level iv), state of Florida electrical contractor, certified fire plan reviewer, nationally recognized testing laboratories for fire protection certified, registered architects, electrical engineers, fire protection engineer and Florida state-certified fire inspectors who are available to assist you at every phase of your fire and life safety project.

We are Certified State of Florida Fire & Life Safety Professionals for building construction, fire, and life safety analysis. Our goal is to minimize costs, saving you thousands, in part by providing effective advice and step-by-step guidance from project formulation through to local jurisdictional fire department final acceptance. You should not make a life-safety decision without involving an expert, an independent third-party
that will answer your concerns and develop a strategy to satisfy code compliance.

  • Here are a few of the solutions we will provide you.
  • Life safety compliance within a firm budget
  • Precise application of building and fire codes
  • Review and analysis of fire code violations

Our expert team offers solutions to complex code issues. We have the expertise to formulate code-compliant concepts and effective equivalency alternatives that serve as the perfect solution to your fire and life safety concerns.

Types Of Engineered Life Safety System (ELSS)

These engineered life safety systems consist of varied components that come together to save lives during any emergency condition. Here are some of the types of ELSS and their purposes:

  • Life Safety Sprinkler System 

These are mostly attached to the ceilings of commercial and residential buildings. A small apartment doesn’t need it to meet the safety codes. With a rise in the heat, sprinklers release water to extinguish the fire. 

  • Fire Alarms 

A fire alarm starts beeping when a component of the life safety sprinkler system senses fire. When the alarm turns off, you must evacuate the building soon. 

  • Smoke Detectors 

These are some of the most common components of ELSS near me. It would help if you had several smoke detectors on your premises. Sometimes, you must shut the smoke detector while cooking something that produces a lot of smoke. 

  • Other Modern Fire and Life Safety System Components

Fire pumps serve as a reliable water supply system for life safety sprinkler systems. They enable the operations even when the power is interrupted during a case of an emergency. 

Smoke purge systems come in handy after the fire is already extinguished. These systems clear the smoke accommodated within the building. Thus, it facilitates rescuing people and resuming building operations as quickly as possible. 

Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems are wireless, bidirectional communication systems especially used in coordinating with firefighters in an emergency condition. It uses an exclusive radio frequency that prevents any interference with its independent power supply.

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Are you willing to enhance your building or apartment’s safety? Work with a company you can trust! At Premier Fire Alarm Systems, we protect every building, residence, and apartment in years for decades. You can count on us to secure you with ELSS services. Our team of experts serves customers all across Florida. If you have more questions about ELSS near me, you can connect with us anytime.