Yes. When discussing security issues, the words fire alarm and smoke detector are commonly used, and here’s why you should install them together.

Essentially, a carbon monoxide detector or smoke detector is used to sense smoke. This is when there is some combustion taking place, and it will be activated. When this happens, a signal is sent to the fire alarm so everyone can get a chance to leave the building.

The smoke detectors trigger the alarm, and this is why they should be installed together.

Of course, you will argue that the best location for a smoke detector is in a small house, while a fire alarm should be in large buildings, but that is not always the case.

If you are a homeowner, protecting your home from fires is vital, and this is why adding a fire alarm will be the best protection possible. Plus, it is highly recommended.

The best place to put smoke detectors

In every home, there are some required smoke detector locations, which include the following;

  • First, only use smoke detector alarms that have a label from a well-known and recognized testing lab.
  • Install a smoke detector inside your bedrooms and living rooms, plus near the stairway on the upper level. These are mandatory locations.
  • You should also install the smoke detector in the basement and at the bottom of the stairs at the ceiling.

How to install a smoke detector

  • A carbon monoxide detector should be placed at least three meters or ten feet away from any cooking appliance to minimize any false alarms as you are cooking.
  • It would be best if you mounted the smoke alarm high on ceilings and walls, and this is because smoke rises, and the mounted alarms should be far up on the walls.
  • If you have pitched ceilings, install the smoke detector at least three feet from the peak but not at the apex of the peak. Give it about four inches.

Things to avoid when installing your smoke detector 

  • Do not install smoke detectors near doors, windows, or ducts where there might be a draft, as this is likely to interfere with the operation.
  • Do not paint the smoke alarms as the paint, decorations, or stickers will keep the alarm from working correctly.
  • For excellent protection, you should interconnect the smoke detectors in your home, such that when one alarm sounds, all of them sound. This can be done through wireless technology and hard-wiring them.

Final thoughts

All the interconnected alarms should come from the same manufacturer, which ensures that they are all compatible.

Always keep the manufacturer’s instructions when doing the installation, as this helps with reference.

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