Elevators do break down every now and then, and having an elevator monitoring system in place will ensure that they operate effectively and safely. It also helps detect any potential problems and malfunctions in advance so they can be repaired before causing any accidents.


Types of Elevator Monitoring

Through an Elevator monitoring system

Most companies offer this service, which features installing a device in the elevator that monitors its performance and tracks the hundreds of potential malfunctions it may encounter.


Elevator phone monitoring

In this case, a phone is installed in the elevator to help the users whenever they experience a problem while using it. It is a common practice for most buildings, where you can quickly call the security or maintenance staff when you are stuck on the elevator.


Remote elevator monitoring system

This monitoring system offers the building owners a remote elevator monitoring option that features a real-time system with data such as status, car position, fault logs, and more. It comes as a great option in a world where the internet has completely revolutionized how we do things.


Individual Building Elevator Monitoring System

This is a system that acts as the primary supervisory panel in a building’s management office. The system features computer software allowing the owners to monitor the escalator/elevator system in more than one location.

It is equipped with the following systems:

  • An access control
  • An operation mode switching
  • An up and down peak mode scheduling
  • A fault logging
  • A traffic history playback

4 Reasons to have an elevator monitoring system in place

  • It ensures user safety

Elevator monitoring ensures that the elevators are operating as required and that passengers are safe while using them. This is because a monitoring system can quickly identify a problem before it becomes a disaster.

  • It addresses and records all malfunctions

An elevator monitoring system will ensure to record any malfunctions and address them immediately. This offers peace of mind for the users and the owners. Reading the malfunctions can be obtained from sensitive sensors, and the system ensures that the sensors are functioning properly.

  • It offers excellent customer service

Because different people use the elevators, it would be best to optimize the experience, especially if the users are in a hurry. The elevator monitoring system effectively helps identify issues and provides signals or even pranks to keep people entertained.

It ensures a consistent and optimal elevator performance to avoid any discontent being reported by the users.

  • It helps stop crime

An elevator monitoring system is mainly aimed at addressing and identifying any malfunctions even before they happen. However, they also help spot any unscrupulous people who would wish to commit a crime in the elevators.

The building would end up with a bad reputation if any elevator users were attacked or robbed while using the elevator.

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