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As the popular saying goes: Know safety – no injury, no safety – know injury. Safety is an essential aspect every business owner should give utmost priority. This is very vital if you’re operating a fast-food franchise or restaurant. With cooking oils, electrical connections, and flames, a fire is more likely to break out in your restaurant if safety measures are not in place. This fire can destroy valuables, properties, and cause harm to individuals. The National Fire Data Center in the United States reports that restaurant fires cost approximately $165 million every year.

A fire quickly contained may cost about $1,000, while an uncontained will cost more. Why spend so much when you can adopt some fire protection tips? Premier Fire Alarm Systems have compiled a guide to protect your restaurant against fire accidents. If you’re in Broward County, you can check out our services.


Important Fire Protection Tips For Your Restaurant


From installing fire suppression systems to commercial fire alarm systems, various practices help prevent fire outbreaks in the kitchen. Let’s consider some of these tips and practices.

  • Install an automatic fire suppression system: Most fire accidents result from cooking equipment; thus, setting up this fire system in your kitchen will help suppress the flames before the fire escalates. When a fire starts, the system automatically activates itself, discharging chemicals that help quench the fire.
  • Install fire extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are usually the first line of action when a fire starts. Class K fire extinguishers are ideal for cooking areas since they put out fires caused by cooking oils, grease, and fats. Use these extinguishers after you’ve installed and activated the suppression system in your kitchen. Ensure other classes of extinguishers are readily available and placed in strategic places.
  • Set up fire alarms: Fire alarms have been proven quite effective against fire outbreaks. They detect fire quickly and raise awareness, so emergency steps are taken to quell the flames, evacuate people, and minimize burns.


Other Safety Guidelines To Adopt 


  • Practice regular maintenance of fire protection equipment: Ensure your sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, exhaust system, and others are regularly inspected for effective operation.
  • Clean cooking areas and systems to prevent fire incidents: Oven hoods are susceptible to fire; hence you should regularly and thoroughly clean them. Make sure you get rid of grease buildup from time to time to prevent the restriction of airflow.
  • Check electrical connections: Besides cooking oils and the like, fire can also start from electrical wires. So ensure you check your electrical equipment for exposed cords, wiring, etc. 


Educate Your Staff On Fire Safety Measures


Unsurprisingly, not everyone can use a fire extinguisher. Educate and train your employees on how to operate a suppression system and fire safety equipment. Conduct regular training so they can get acquainted with all safety precautions like reporting electrical hazards.


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Restaurant fire protection encompasses the installation of safety systems and frequent maintenance. Whether you need fire alarms or fire safety plans, Premier Fire Alarm Systems has got you covered! We provide the best services in Broward County. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.