Fire alarm monitoring forms a crucial part of fire protection systems. When a fire alarm goes off, monitoring ensures it’s not a false alarm by assessing the signal before communicating with the fire station or responders. Many businesses are switching from wired fire alarm systems to wireless options due to some factors. Wireless fire alarm monitoring is faster, safer, and more reliable than the former. Perhaps you need a wireless fire alarm installer in Miami; Premier Fire Alarm & Integration System INC. is your best bet. So, what is advanced wireless fire alarm monitoring?

Advanced Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring

Wireless fire alarm monitoring is the most efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free alarm monitoring solution. AES 7788F/7744F Series Subscribers are universal wireless communicators suitable for existing or new fire alarm systems. These communicators use a wireless mesh radio network (AES-IntelliNet networks) composed of subscriber units. Each subscriber unit transmits, receives, and ensures that alarm signals are transmitted throughout the network. This results in multiple pathways which are available for the transmission of radio signals over long distances.

AES subscribers monitor primary and backup operating power and radio connection. Typically, each subscriber checks in with the AES central station receiver each 24-hour period. Depending on the application, you can modify the time for supervision check-in. Furthermore, you can contact fire alarm companies in Miami to help you with the check-in. On the flip side, cellular technology needs constant supervision.

AES subscribers communicate consolidated trouble, alarm, and supervisory signals controlled by an FACP output relay. AES fire subscribers are predesigned with a module with full data for transmitting signals from old and new fire alarm systems.


  • AES-IntelliNet alarm communications technology
  • AES-IntelliNet® smart mesh radio networks
  • Multiple RF pathways
  • UL 864 and NFPA compliant

Benefits Of Advanced Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring

  • Compared to traditional phone lines and cellular technology, AES IntelliNet networks boast a stable fire alarm communication technology.
  • Complies with UL 864 and NFPA
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable replacement for phone lines with a significant impact on RMR profit.
  • No cost for airtime to transmit supervisory signals

Choosing A Reliable Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Now you know the features and benefits of wireless fire alarm monitoring, reach out to alarm companies in Miami for installation. Ensure that the wireless fire alarm installer in Miami is proficient and certified in advanced wireless fire alarm monitoring.

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