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It is very important to have regular fire alarm system inspections for both residential and commercial fire alarms. Premier Fire Alarm Systems have been in business for years, and we have inspected and worked with fire alarms all over the Miami-Dade County area. Our team has worked closely with schools, apartments, hospitals, hotels, and any other place that you can think of. There are many specific ways to inspect fire alarms and test them to ensure that they are functioning properly. Many people do not know what testing and inspecting fire alarm systems entails, but it is crucial for your safety. Even if your fire alarm system seems to look like it is working fine, it is important to let professionals like us take a look at them and run a series of tests, so the building you are in and the people you are with stay safe at all times. You can feel at peace knowing that your alarm will let you know if there is danger within the building.


Fire Alarm System Inspections And Tests 

Inspecting and testing a residential fire alarm is similar to a commercial fire alarm. In terms of the requirements for tests, there are two main ones that we run. One of these tests is called the acceptance test, which essentially means that all of the working parts in the system are functioning properly. The other kind of test is called the sensitivity test, which is recommended one full year after the system is installed. This test ensures that certain parts of the system activate when they need to. In terms of inspections, there are four main inspections that we perform. First, there is the general fire alarm panel inspection which meets all of the necessary needs in the system. Second, there is the sensitivity inspection to make sure that the system reacts properly to danger. Third, there is the notification inspection to ensure that chimes or horns are heard to notify if danger is near. Then there is the inspection of the initiating device which makes sure that all of the detectors such as the duct, heat, and smoke detectors are working.



Inspections and tests can take up a full day in extreme cases or in cases where we are testing a fire alarm in a large building with many stories. They can take up to two full weeks in very large buildings, such as schools and hospitals. The timing of the inspections and tests truly depends on how large the building is and how many issues arise with the alarm systems themselves.



When we inspect or test fire alarm systems, it is important to prepare the agency that monitors your system so they do not respond to every chime or alarm that they hear. It is important to establish this before the inspections and tests begin, so there are no interruptions.


Contact Us

Contacting professionals such as Premier Fire Alarm Systems is key when it comes to fire alarm system inspections because you want to make sure that the tests and inspections are reliable and that your system is working properly. So contact us today in Miami-Dade County if you have any questions or if you are in need of inspections and tests.