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Do you want to secure your home from being razed by fire? You need to invest in a fire extinguisher. Apart from having fire extinguishers in the house, you must also learn their correct usage. When misused, minor fire outbreaks can turn wild and can even lead to severe injuries. As a reputable fire alarm company in Broward County, Premier Fire Alarm Systems has dropped hints on how homeowners can use this safety tool effectively. Our tips outlined here are simple and straightforward!

How To Safely And Effectively Use Fire Extinguishers

To use extinguishers correctly in your home, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Pulling The Pin- What you first need to do is carefully pull the pin designed on the extinguisher’s handle. This is done to break the tamper seal.
  2. Aiming- Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. While doing that, avoid touching the discharge horn because it could result in skin damage.
  3. Squeeze The Handle- This action depresses the button that discharges the extinguishing agent. 
  4. Sweep From Side To Side– As you use it, sweep from side to side at the bottom of the fire till the fire goes out. 

There you go! The three simple ways to safely and accurately use extinguishers!

Classes Of Extinguishers

There are four classes of extinguishers. There are Class A, B, C, and D. 

  1. Class A- Class A fire extinguisher is identified as a pressurized water fire extinguisher. They are utilized to extinguish burning rubber, cloth, paper, wood, trash, plastics, and ordinary combustibles. This extinguisher always comes with a big silver container, and it is often two to three feet tall.
  2. Class B- Class B fire extinguisher uses Carbon Dioxide or dry chemicals. They are used to extinguish fires involving paints, gas, oil, and any other flammable liquids.
  3. Class C- Fire in this category can be extinguished by using CO² extinguishers. CO² extinguishers should not be used in an enclosed room. 
  4. Class D- These extinguishers are used for putting out fires involving flammable metals. 

Why You Should Partner With A Company

A reputable fire protection company is always available 24/7 to respond to calls and messages during an emergency. They often get to the scene of the event quickly to prevent severe damage to your assets. Only with the right fire alarm services will you obtain the needed help for saving your commercial building or residential building from damage. Interestingly, the cost of hiring one of the best companies is within most homeowners’ budgets. 

Contact Us

Would you love to have a fire protection company on standby in case of a fire outbreak? Are there other fire extinguishers tips you’d love to know? At Premier Fire Alarm Systems in Broward County, we are always eager to answer all of your questions! Do you have an alarm system in your home? Would you love to have one? Contact us now. We are always available to give you the best fire alarm services.