The warning signals are sent to a Supervisory Station via a two-way, wireless broadband network that employs smart routing technologies. On the other hand, the radio receiver and transceiver constitute the backbone of this information system.

The radio transmitter and receiver are installed at the protected location. And wired into the alarming regional panel (or an alternative open circuit device). Premier Fire Alarm alert signals from all the network’s radio transceivers are sent to the Supervisory Station. The utilization of special radio reception equipment is mandatory there to keep tabs on the situation.

Advanced Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring and How does it Work?

Hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of sq. miles might potentially be covered by the radio transceivers’ protective “intelligent web.” Due to the fact that every transceiver can also function as a repeater. Alert signals can be relayed between them via the fastest and most dependable path possible. The system will immediately switch to the next available one whenever there is a disturbance in the network. The transceivers adjust to accommodate it, keeping the system running at peak efficiency.

The benefit of 2-Way Data Transmission

Two-way radios allow the Supervisory Station to confirm and acknowledge warning signals. Traditional, one-way radio systems only allow for the verification of alarm signals. But not their acknowledgment. As a result, there is no method for determining whether or not the alert message got detected. Also, if someone was even monitoring the Supervisory Station or not. Thus, the dependability of two-way radios gets improved.

Difference Between Aes-Intellinet and Conventional Radio Technology

The most reliable means of communication are those based on a mesh radio system. If there are widespread power cuts, AES signals will keep everyday operations functioning at top performance. Natural calamities have been no challenge for AES technologies. For example,

  • Hurricane Harvey and Irma in 2017
  • the 2014 Mexico earthquake
  • Superstorm Sandy of 2012
  • The ice storms of 2008 in Upstate New York and New England.
  • 2007 Worsening fire conditions in California
  • Hurricane Katrina of 2005

Business owners and managers can keep complete command of their services by using AES private connections. Faster than the cellular, telephone, or Internet, critical event alerts can be sent and received in as little as one to three seconds. When using AES Broadcast, there is no need for wires, cables, or towers.

Our products are built with the highest regard for ULC/UL Certifications and NFPA Code Compliance, as well as AES Strategic Planning. Please visit the Fire Marshal Information page to obtain our Compliance Summary pamphlet and AHJ Guidebook featuring authentic listings.

AES Radio was designed to expand the operations of alarm distributors, main contract stations, and installation companies through a variety of different types of monitoring.

Advantages of Using AES-IntelliNet Over Conventional Radio Technology

Mesh radio is bringing us one step closer to the ideal of a globally interconnected society. Wireless networks are a relatively new method of establishing digital connections in today’s world. They make efficient use of currently available technologies to connect people in more places than ever.

  • AES Private Wireless Networks Came here to Stay

Communication networks are evolving at a dizzying rate. And this has an effect on electronic security devices for fire protection panels that rely on dependable alarms with high-quality VoIP telephone service.

But can’t make use of traditional telephone service due to their transition from copper cable to optical fiber. The major changes in the Apartment and PSTN have made landline connections unstable.

Wireless mesh radios are reliable, low-cost options in today’s volatile technological world. It makes use of preexisting components that get unaffected when systems go down. It allows you to maintain your connection in any scenario without having to upgrade your current phone or internet plan.

Both licensed and unlicensed warning communication systems can get disrupted by jamming and RF interference. Along with power failures induced by adverse environmental conditions. It can be challenging to rely solely on web-based technologies for alerting signal delivery. This is due to the unreliability of the Internet in high-demand situations. Wireless mesh radio provides the best level of warning communication reliability.

Life-or-death situations are often decided by the presence or absence of an alert system. Not everyone is aware that it can take advanced alarm systems 45 seconds or more to send out a notification.

It indicates that you may be very late to do anything about a dangerous situation if you do not even act quickly. It uses patented technology to achieve transmission speeds of less than three to five seconds.

  • AES-IntelliNet is the Future of Broadcasting

Never compromise for less than the best when life-saving communications are at stake. For more than four decades, Signal Fire has provided cutting-edge services to the Las Vegas area. They are pleased to offer rapid mesh network radio tracking. It can save your business hundreds of dollars annually in operational expenditures.


Premier Fire Alarms concluded that AES-IntelliNet is more faster and efficient than traditional methods. Premier Fire Alarms And Integration Systems Installation Division Inc. is licensed, insured, responsive and trustworthy. Contact or call for more details and information.