Sometimes, you don’t know what you need until you need it. The Champlain Towers South collapse taught us this. It was 1:15 am on June 24 when the building caught on fire, and the alarm system quickly sent a distress signal to the alarm company.

It took only seven minutes before the complete 12-story tower crashed. Those who survived said the fire alarm did not sound until it was too late.

You need an AES advanced wireless fire alarm monitoring system to make the loudest noise during a fire. It is crucial for saving lives and preventing property damage.

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Enjoy peace of mind with our reliable automated fire alarm system today. Here’s everything you should know about advanced wireless fire alarm monitoring systems and why they are so important:

What is an AES System?

An AES system is a wireless mesh radio network that is private and used for fire alarm monitoring in Miami-Dade county. The radio network comprises subscriber units that act as signal receivers, transmitters, and repeaters.

Each premise with a subscriber unit is linked to an AES network that enables them to relay alarm messages via IP links connected to a central monitoring station.

Wireless fire alarm monitoring signals follow the shortest route to ensure fast and reliable alarm communications. Installing AES private wireless networks can help prevent losses like those incurred at  Champlain Towers South in Surfside.

How do AES Systems Work?

AES private wireless networks ensure alarm signals are picked up by monitoring stations that can pass them along. The first alarm panel to detect a fire sends a warning signal to the appropriate receiver located in the central monitoring station.

Advantages of an AES system

A wireless fire alarm monitoring system helps improve signal reception and increases the chances of successfully detecting a fire and alerting first responders. These systems also do not experience any interferences during signal transmissions.

Other advantages of an AES system include the following:

  • Minimal installation, operation, and maintenance costs.
  • They are a highly stable communication technology.
  • They are self-healing, self-forming, and highly scalable.
  • They save you the money you would otherwise spend repairing your property due to fire damage.

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