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Fire alarm systems are a life-saver among the best designs of our time. The system saves lives by informing the people in the building ahead of a fiery blaze. Hence, installing a fire alarm system is vital if you own a company or a house.  This article will consider the top 5 commercial fire alarm systems that should be on your list.


1.    Siemens Fire System

Siemens is a top fire alarm system that combines technology with purpose. The system has designs that can connect with many buildings. As a result, it provides 100% life and fire safety.

Also, it shares customized alert information in cases where there is fire sight. It is the perfect fire system for routine crises.

2.    Cerberus PyroTronics Fire Alarm

The Cerberus Pyrotronics have parameters like control panels, fire terminals, and remote terminals. Also, the fire alarm system has a sure fire-detecting sensor. With its cloud technology, you can access fire care services anywhere. Hence, this fire alarm system is among the top suggestions in the industry.

3.    Kidde VM Series

The Kidde VM series adds utility to potency. Its in-built interfaces and features make it a top fire system in the industry. The features include fire detectors that can sense smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide.

Its control panels allow you to adjust and customize the fire system into a more easy-to-use technology.

4.    Silent Knight Fire Systems

As a product of the Honeywell brand, unique designs make the brand suitable. For example, with a wireless sight of the trigger source, the system can connect with up to 17 panels in the building. The system has an enhanced relay, connected panel options, and easy fixes. You can always count on the power of Silent Knight.

5.    Fire-Lite Fire

The designs of the fire-lite fire alarm system are lit. The features include emergency voice evacuation and manual pull stations. Also, unique control panels, power supplies, and chargers are features of the fire-lite.

You can install any brand of your choice from the above list of top 5 commercial fire alarm systems. The 5 brand products are available at Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc. We offer fire alarm service in Palm Beach and other areas.


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