If you think you’re building is covered in the event of a fire, think again. When a fire breaks out, every second counts. You need to know that your fire sprinkler system will protect your building when time matters the most. 


Here at Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc., we deliver BDA system installments in buildings throughout Broward County. In our 20 years of service, we’ve helped businesses protect valuable lives and prevent property damages by providing only the best in today’s fire protection technology. Right now, we want to tell you about the latest technologies in standard response sprinkler heads because we know that the difference between life and death can come down to seconds. 


Quick Response Vs. Standard Response Sprinkler Heads 

You guessed it, the primary difference between the two sprinkler types is how quickly they operate. All sprinkler heads contain a tiny bulb filled with fluid. When a fire erupts and temperatures rise, the bulb’s fluid expands, causing the bulb to burst. Water is expelled from the sprinkler system. 


Standard sprinkler systems contain a 5mm bulb. Quick response sprinkler heads feature 3mm bulbs. Decreasing the bulb’s size means the fluid container has less room to expand before bursting the bulb. This translates to a quicker sprinkler response time. 


When To Switch To Quick Response 


Quick response sprinklers are ideal in high-occupancy buildings. Buildings like office spaces, education centers, and healthcare facilities can contain hundreds of people. In the event of a fire, confusion can ensue, making a quick exit difficult. 


The key difference between sprinklers is their initial response time. Another key distinction is how water is distributed. Quick response sprinklers activate quickly, spraying water higher on walls and ceiling than standard systems. This prevents flash-over and keeps the fire from growing in both temperature and severity, allowing people to exit the building safely. 


When Standard’s Your Best Bet 

If your building is commercial or industrial, a standard system may be a better choice. Although these systems take longer to activate, they apply water to slow the flames’ spread and interrupt the fuel source. Instead of controlling the severity, these systems contain the fire. This strategy limits property damage and buys time for the fire department to arrive at the scene. 


Choosing between response sprinkler heads is best determined by use. When people are involved, time is of the essence. You’ll want a system that allows people the time to get out safely. In other cases, such as industrial warehouses and storage facilities, few people are on the premises, and property protection is your primary goal. Perhaps a standard system is a better call. 


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If you’re unsure whether you should switch to a quick response system or rely on standard response sprinkler heads, the best call you can make is to one of our experts at Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc. We’ve proudly served Broward County business owners, and have provided superior performance and excellent service for 20 years. Contact us today.