When a school fire alarms go off, it throws the entire school into a wave of panic and confusion.

However, if the staff and students have been over the fire drill countless times, there may be order and silence as the evacuation plan is carried out. With the proper empowerment of fire safety, the life or death emergency may be a story to laugh about later.


What happens when school fire alarms are activated?

Unless it’s a fire drill, the administrator will inform the fire department of the emergency. Since all classroom staff is aware of the exit points and the evacuation plans, they will:

  • Direct the children to the nearest fire exit for fire protection at school.
  • Children will evacuate the building in an orderly manner to the next assembling point.
  • Personal items are not necessary at this point and should be left behind.
  • The administration should bring the fire registers to the assembly point.
  • The registers should be distributed to the different meeting locations.
  • The teachers will check out the register for any missing child.
  • The signing in books for visitors and staff must also be checked, and any missing persons reported to the responsible officer.


Tips for fire safety in schools

  1. Students should not stand in front of the fire exits, alarms stations, and stairways.
  2. The fire prevention policies should be reviewed and updated regularly.
  3. The administration and staff should work on ensuring the students understand the importance of fire safety.
  4. If there are students with special needs, every classroom should incorporate a buddy system to help them during a fire emergency and drills.
  5. All teachers should be familiar with the fire safety plans and systems.
  6. All classrooms should have a posting of at least two escape routes in case of a crisis.
  7. A safe zone should be established outside the classrooms building where all students can assemble after the incident for fire protection school.
  8. Teachers should count the students to ensure everyone is safe and to identify any missing persons.
  9. Schools should practice fire drills often to ensure students are familiar with the escape routes.


What you shouldn’t do during a fire emergency in school

  • Leave a fire door open, as this will advance the spread.
  • No one should return to a burning building for any reason.

A school fire alarm system alerts all students, teachers, and everyone on the premises about a fire. It means the maintenance and inspection of the alarms are essential to ensure they work properly during an emergency.