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The fire alarm system is a small yet vital device for saving lives. However, its function might leave people wondering how exactly a “commercial fire alarm system works.”

The next step after owning a building is to install a fire alarm system that can create awareness when there is a fire outbreak. If you want to install the best fire alarm systems in Miami, Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems Inc. is your best option.

A fire alarm system has several merged units that contribute to its function. For example, it uses visual and audio cues to warn people about a fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide source. This article will discuss how a fire alarm system works and the process involved. Keep reading!


How a Fire Alarm System Works

The fire alarm system is built with main elements like the control panel, fire detectors, call points, and the alarm system (in the form of visual flashes or audio signals).

Fire sensors can be smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, or other spur sources. The fire alarm system receives a signal from the fire sensors and shortly conveys the signal to the control panel via radio frequency.

The signal flow should be automatic if the fire alarm services are done correctly. For example, heat detectors use built-in thermistors to sense the heat, while smoke detectors use photo electricity. On the other hand, carbon monoxide detectors use electrochemical or opto-chemical cells to trace the gas source.

Upon receiving the signals from the fire detectors, the panel naturally triggers the alarm system, which will make warnings like bright light or audio alerts like a loud alarm beep. Every building or department connected to the control panels will receive warnings for immediate exit.


How Do Fire Alarm Systems Notify People?

Most fire alarm systems work on a two-stage alarm basis. The two-stage process is designed to alert certain lawful people to check out the issue before moving on to the second stage- warning the general audience.

This fire system is designed to reduce panic and buy time for authorized people to make up an orderly way to lead people out of the danger zone.

Many handy fire alarm installation companies in Florida will ensure your alarm system is running fine and well to prevent false alarms or system malfunction. It is crucial to install a fire system with the proper access control and panel system to meet all fire safety measures.


Let Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc. Fix Your Installation

With the insight into how commercial fire alarm systems work, the next action you should take is to secure experts that will do a great job.

At Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc., we make it a goal to meet our customers’ goals. With over 27 years of experience in the creative industry, we are loyal and qualified to work with several alarm system brands. Let us start your installation journey, but first, contact us or visit our home page for more information.