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Fire detection and alarm systems have become increasingly popular to increase the safety and security of homes, offices, and buildings. At Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems Installation Division Inc., we offer different fire alarm systems targeted towards your needs.

Before installing commercial fire alarm systems, there are a few things that need to be considered. One of the main questions is deciding between hard wired versus wireless fire detection and alarm systems. To help you decide between hard-wired or wireless fire alarm systems, we have gathered a few reasons in favour of each.


Hard wired alarm systems

When it comes to hard-wired alarm systems, the picture that probably pops in your mind is that of an alarm system with wires running all over your house, which are then connected to a central point from where everything is monitored. Hard-wired systems are usually preferred because of their ability to work efficiently for a longer duration than wireless systems. In addition to more extended durability, hard-wired alarm systems are easy to run once the installation process has been completed.


Wireless alarm systems

On the other hand, we have wireless alarm systems which have also become very popular. When it comes to wireless alarm systems, we can refer to these as a hybrid. This is because the wireless system has some internal wiring through which the components of the system are connected. This internal wiring makes the overall system more robust and more reliable.

In addition to the internal wiring, wireless alarm systems need batteries to operate. Since they are incapable of utilizing the electricity in the house to function, these systems have to have up and running batteries. These batteries usually need to be replaced after two years.


Hard-Wired vs Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm System

Even though it may seem like wireless alarm systems are less of a hassle, this is not always the case. Wireless devices have become the more preferred choice in today’s world due to their easy installation process. However, wireless devices such as the wireless fire detection alarm system require more regular maintenance.


These maintenance costs and the expenses incurred with getting new batteries for the system are affordable to a certain extent. However, if your wireless fire alarm system is installed on a large scale, you will have to have more frequent maintenance checkups and replace the batteries more often. Even if the regularity does not increase, the number of batteries required is proportional to the scale at which the system is operating; therefore, the bigger your system, the more will be your costs incurred.


If the building or site where you want to install the fire alarm system is made of wood, then we would say that installing wireless commercial fire alarm systems is a good choice. However, if it is made of metal or any such substance, you will probably have to opt for hard-wired alarm systems. This is because wireless fire alarm systems need radio waves to operate, and the likelihood of obtaining these radio waves is not consistent amongst all substances.


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Regardless of whether you want a hard-wired or wireless alarm system, we can safely say that we are one of the best options if you’re looking for a fire alarm company. With over 27 years of experience in the field, we have kept up with the market by adopting an innovative approach to our fire alarm systems. Our multiple certifications are proof of our credibility to perform the job and deliver highly reliable products. If you’re still confused, we are here for you, and you can call us alright as an email!