Fire Alarm systems have become unavoidable and can be found in many spots. Be it your home, office, condo, shopping center, or practically any other place, the necessity of the presence of a fire alarm system has made their presence more widespread. Hence, we at Premier Fire Alarms And Integration Systems Installation Division Inc. have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that our customers have fire alarm systems that are up and running.

Regardless of the nature of your business, having a fire alarm system in place is a necessity. It is equally vital to make sure that your fire system is working efficiently, and for this reason, specific inspection tests have to be carried out. We will discuss the details of these inspections below and how frequently they should be carried out to enhance your knowledge on the subject.


The frequency of your Fire Alarm System Inspections

Living in Dade County, you need to ensure that frequent tests are carried out on your fire alarm system. The regularity of these inspections is discussed in detail below. When we talk about fire alarm inspection, one thing to remember is that the frequency of these routine checkups depends on the type of fire alarm system you have installed and its usage. The system’s location also plays a role in determining how often you should carry out these tests.

The purpose behind a fire alarm is to detect any smoke or possible fire hazards and alert everyone to evacuate the building safely, and tackle the problem accordingly. The inability of a fire alarm system to not work efficiently could compromise the safety of the people present in the vicinity of the system. Therefore, you must take this seriously and ensure that your fire alarm system is not prone to making any errors.


Carrying out the Fire Alarm Inspection 

Depending on your satisfaction and your system’s needs, fire alarm inspections can be carried out annually, semi-annually, or even on a quarter-year basis. In addition to this, you can also keep a check on your fire systems by doing some in-house tests. The more frequently you test your system, the more likely you are to detect a problem and resolve it on a timely basis.

When you carry out tests on your fire alarm system, there are many problems that you can detect. If you are inspecting by yourself without involving a professional, here are some areas you can focus on. Your in-home tests can help you see damaged or melted fuses, equipment that has been interfaced, problems in lamps or LEDs in your system, primary power supply, and trouble signals emitted by the control unit. On a broader scale, you can even detect problems with the battery, DACR, and CO2 detectors in your system.

Depending on how intensive and detailed your inspection is, you can detect a multitude of problems that can impact the overall operational efficiency of your system.


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If you are looking for a company to conduct fire alarm inspections in Dade County, we are the ideal choice! With a highly professional team equipped with a high skill set, we have been able to carry out fire system maintenance and inspection with utmost care and proficiency over the past. Not only will the tests allow us to detect flaws in your system time, but we will also help in keeping your system maintained and resolve any detected issues. Your safety is our number one priority, and we understand how important fire safety is.