As a hotel property manager in Broward County, FL, you know that a quality fire safety plan is a must-have. But with all of your other duties as a property manager, it can be hard to keep up with ever-changing fire safety requirements. However, some things are must-haves for all fire safety plans. We at Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc. want to help you by listing some of the more universal needs for your safety plans.


Practices For Basic Fire Safety Requirements

Like links in a chain, there are certain practices that, when all combined, will lead to a fire safety plan that will keep your staff and occupants safe. 


  • Staff education. With proper training and knowledge of the best fire safety practices, your staff will be able to respond in an emergency and avoid potential fires before they even happen.
  • Evacuation plan. In an emergency, a well-thought-out and implemented evacuation plan will ensure that everyone can find the way out of the building in the safest route possible.
  • Response team. Having staff trained on who to contact and where the contact information is can help reduce property damage and potentially save lives during an actual emergency. Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc. can help with your Bi-Directional Amplifier System, BDA system, requirements as well.


Though simple, these first links will be the most important steps to ensure your safety plan is the best that it can be. 


Must-Have Systems And Technology

Along with staff, your fire safety systems and technology create links when combined that form a strong fire safety chain.


  • Fire detectors and alarms. These are the first line when it comes to your safety plan. These are what get everyone moving on your well-thought-out evacuation plan.
  • Emergency Lights. Tensions will be high, so clearly marked signs and lights will help guide everyone out of the building and to safety.
  • Doors. Doors that shut automatically when an alarm is triggered can help contain and slow the fire’s spread.


When you combine the steps in these first sections, it becomes clear that one thing leads directly to another. But it all has to start with education and staff knowing when and how to implement your safety plan.


The Other Must-Haves

Fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems are must-haves as well. Although common, these pieces of equipment are not one size fits all. Knowing the types, locations, and proper use of this equipment is vital to your fire safety plan’s success. And again, this mostly comes down to ensuring adequate education for your staff.


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Even with just the basics, there are a lot of fire safety requirements you have to keep track of. That’s why you need a company with the experience to help you with all of your fire safety needs. Things are changing quickly; make sure you’re up to date on all fire regulations. Contact us today. Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc. is here to help Broward County, FL with all of its fire safety needs.