A new year is a great time to start fresh, including ensuring your home or business is up to date on fire safety. Fire safety equipment and simple inspections are essential for residential or commercial buildings. A comprehensive fire safety checklist for 2023 will help prioritize what needs to be done to ensure compliance with all fire safety rules.

Premier Fire Alarms and Integration Systems Installation Division is in the business of securing your property. We provide various services, from fire alarm monitoring in Miami to installations, inspections, and 24-hour emergency services.

In addition, our fire alarm installers serve and install most major brands of fire alarm systems and security products. Our licensed and certified staff is available 24 hours for emergency system repairs.

We are factory-authorized dealers for various manufacturers of low-voltage systems. Below are the systems and services we provide:

  • Annual certifications for fire alarm systems.
  • Service contract fire alarm systems.
  • Fire alarm and burglar alarm monitoring contracts.
  • BDA frequency testing (bidirectional amplification systems installed).
  • BDA installations of existing buildings.
  • 24-hour emergency service.
  • Engineered fire alarm system installations, engineering department.
  • ELSS-engineered reporting for compliance.
  • Fire alarm systems installations of all types.
  • U.L- ETL certifications.
  • Runner service contracts.

Here’s a look at our ultimate fire safety checklist for 2023:

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers must always be in good working condition. This is a legal requirement.

Moreover, you must also ensure that your fire extinguishers follow the fire code in your area. This includes choosing the right fire extinguisher type for your industry, the right height, and placing them at the correct distance from potential threats.

A qualified Miami-Dade fire inspector should inspect your fire extinguishers to ensure they are current and not expired. For each, check the hose, cylinder, and other parts for damage.


Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are a primary protection line and the most intricate part of your fire safety. As such, the control system, sprinkler heads, and hoses must all be inspected frequently.

Verify that the head can reach the entire room and is spaced well from each wall. Keep your sprinklers up to code. Ensure no physical flaws or leaks in sprinkler heads and pipes. A Miami-Dade County fire alarm installation company should be capable of handling such inspections.


Company Fire Alarms

Almost every commercial and residential property has fire alarms and detectors. You must examine the fire code for these sensors and alarms. Ensure each alarm works flawlessly. Furthermore, don’t forget to change the batteries.


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At Premier Fire Alarms and Integration Systems Installation Division, we prioritize our clients’ safety. Our comprehensive fire safety checklist for 2023 will keep your property and family safe all year round.

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