Whether you own a hotel, spa, or nursing facility, the safety and wellbeing of your clients and customers is your top priority. Many business owners will take the necessary precautions by installing and maintaining the usual fire alarm system throughout the structure, but there’s always more you can do. As the years go by, there is more technology growing into better and smarter fire protection, including the bi-directional amplifier. Premier Fire Alarm Systems knows this technology exists and helps businesses in the Broward County area keep themselves protected against any threat. 


Progress Is Happening

In the not so distant past, many firefighters were going into buildings blind for rescue efforts. Of course they are trained and prepared for their jobs, but there are so many unknown factors once you enter a burning building, things can change drastically and quickly in a matter of seconds. Firefighters have to be able to move around the crumbling terrain and save those inside, all within minutes. In 2018 alone, 58,000 fires occurred across the US, leaving more than 25,000 structures destroyed, including 18,000 residences and almost 250 commercial buildings. Having the technology to better prepare before entering houses and commercial buildings can mean the difference between life and death for both the firefighters and the occupants. 


Smart Fire Protection

More innovative technology is growing at an exponential rate these days, making certain tasks easier and improving the way the world would accomplish tasks. For firefighters, this means better, smarter technology that can help them see inside buildings before going into them. The biggest step in this system is through the computer-aided facility management and building information modeling systems that are going out across all of the United States. These technological advances give firefighters and responders access to accurate data such as floor layouts, building assets, fire fighting equipment, evacuation plans and occupants of the buildings. And if there are motion sensors and cameras in the building, they can provide additional assistance in showing where the fire is spreading and where the people are inside the building. 

The Internet of Things is also an invaluable tool in helping communicate interior plans of buildings and other helpful information during a fire. The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects, the “things” in this case, that are embedded with sensors, software and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. This innovation allows cities to share data in real time, including floor layouts of interior areas, such as the status and control of pumps, motors, elevators, and ventilation systems can be accessed and shared if on the cloud or another database. This information can be invaluable to firefighters when battling a building fire, and can approach the situation differently and more efficiently with this info on hand. 


Another great technological advancement is the bi-directional amplifier. This device receives a signal from a donor antenna, amplifying the signal from inside the building, providing better signal transmission to emergency management services. The amplifier also receives transmitting signals from handheld devices inside the building, sending them out to the communications tower through the donor antenna. 


Better Protection

To protect your business and your customers, it’s crucial to have the latest technologies available to aid in their assistance in case of emergency. Having more integrated and connected security in your building offers a better chance of a happy ending in case of evacuation and a potential fire. Ensuring you have the best means the best outcome for your business and customers. 


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