Have you ever wondered what you need to protect your business or home from a fire? Determining the differences between each type of fire and deciding which type of extinguisher is best for your situation can be daunting. Choosing the right one is essential to avoid creating a worse situation in an emergency. At Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc. in Miami-Dade County, we can help you decide on the right type of fire extinguishers to fit your needs.


Understanding The Different Classes Of Fire Extinguishers


There are five different types of extinguishers to choose from. Each of these is made for a specific type of fire or purpose and are used to put out different classes of fires. Each class requires a special extinguisher. Labels on the outside of the extinguisher identify what class of fire they are for.


  1. Class A extinguishers are used for typical fires started by combustible materials such as wood, plastic, paper, and more. These are water-based extinguishers and are only suitable for fires that can be put out with water.
  2. Class B extinguishers use CO2 suppression to put out grease fires or other flammable liquids. These extinguishers take oxygen out of the air, suppressing the fire.
  3. Class C extinguishers are best used for electrical fires, which a traditional extinguisher cannot put out. Like Class B, these extinguishers also use CO2 to suppress the fire by removing oxygen from the air.
  4. Class D extinguishers are for burning metals like titanium or magnesium, which are combustible. The extinguishing medium in these does not react to the burning metal, effectively putting the fire out. 
  5. Class K extinguishers are meant for kitchen fires in which there are hot burning fats, greases, and oils. These extinguishers use potassium which turns the burning oil’s surface into a soapy foam that holds in the fire’s steam and puts the fire out.


Hazards Of Choosing The Wrong Extinguisher


Some types of fires can get worse if put out by the wrong type of extinguisher. An example of this is an electrical fire. A water-based extinguisher could cause electrical shock if used to put out an electrical fire. CO2 extinguishers reduce oxygen in the air, making it a hazard for people still inside the building. Choosing the right type of extinguisher is paramount for safety reasons.


How To Decide On The Type Of Extinguisher You Need


You will need to consider what types of fire risks you have in your facility. For example, if you are in an office building, you may only need a Class A extinguisher in case of regular fire. If you have a lot of computing equipment, you may also need a Class C extinguisher to put out an electrical fire. If you are unsure about what type of extinguisher you need, you may want to consult a professional.


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