A fire extinguisher is one of those devices that sit in your office or kitchen day after day, as a “just in case.” Of course, we all hope never to use them, but if we ever need to, we should ensure that they are well serviced at all times.

Well, needing to use the fire extinguisher probably means it’s already too late to ask, “where can I get my fire extinguisher checked?.”

Which is why I always say that; finding an excellent Company to check my fire extinguisher should be done in good time, and as often as possible.

Here are the required fire extinguisher checks as per the OSHA [29 CFR 1910.157(e) (2)

  • Visual inspection – Once a Month

According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration Department, employers are required to perform a visual inspection of all their portable fire extinguishers at least once each month, and this is a good benchmark for a homeowner to follow as well.

A visual check includes the following:

  • Checking that the fire extinguisher is at its designated location.
  • Checking that there are no blocks or obstructions on the equipment’s view that can affect easy access.
  • Checking that the equipment has not suffered any damage.
  • Checking that the fire extinguisher is operational and fully charged.
  • Check that the pressure gauge is okay and that the indicator is in its operating range.
  • Ensure that the pull pin is not missing and the seal is still intact.

When asking yourself, where can I take my fire extinguisher to be inspected? Be sure that the company you choose is willing to do the above physical checks on the fire extinguisher.

  • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance checks – Once a Year

Employers and homeowners should perform a full fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance once a year as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration department requirements.

Maintenance refers to a thorough inspection and repair of the fire extinguisher and all other portable facilities for fighting fires.

This annual check should be performed by a licensed and professional fire protection company that has the right tools for training and must comply with the optimal requirements for maintenance of fire extinguishers.

After the fire extinguisher has passed the annual maintenance check, it should be verified with a dated inspection tag. This tag usually is good for one year from the date of inspection till the next inspection date. If the inspection fails, then the equipment must be replaced or repaired.

  • Internal maintenance – every 5/6/12 years, depending on the type of equipment.

This refers to an internal maintenance check that a fire protection company can only perform. The internal assessment involves discharging the fire extinguisher and completing an internal exam to ensure that all components are working correctly.

The extinguishers require a 12-year hydrostatic test.

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