When a fire occurs in your business or home, a fire extinguisher could be the only thing to protect you. When the device is left unused for too long, it can lose its ability to extinguish fires. Moreover, they need to be properly maintained or replaced after a period to ensure functionality.

Conducting a fire and safety inspection for your business or restaurant will inform you about your fire extinguisher expiration and maintenance. Here is everything you need to know about your device’s lifespan and maintenance.


How Long Does A Fire Extinguisher Last?

Fire extinguishers do not have a precise expiration date like other products. The lifespan is not an exact date to consider before declaring the extinguisher has expired. The simple answer is that the extinguishers pass when the fire happens. Otherwise, only a fire and safety inspection can determine when a model has become obsolete due to technological advances or regulation changes.

Different manufacturers have different life expectancy for their devices which is determined by the below factors.

  • Rechargeable or disposable
  • Manufacture date – when it was built
  • Manufacturer specification on when to replace
  • Maintenance limit

The general rule on how long you should stay with your asphyxiator depends on how well you keep up with the fire and safety inspections. According to the National Fire Protection Association standards (NFPA), the life expectancy guidelines that you should know are.

  • Disposable extinguishers are to be replaced every 12 years
  • The rechargeable asphyxiator is to be recharged after six years

It is important to know that your extinguisher will continue to function after the stated period. However, fire inspections on the devices are required at home or in a restaurant.


When Should You Replace Your Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers do not have an expiry date, so it isn’t easy to know exactly when to replace them. The appropriate way to know when to replace your restaurant or home extinguisher is to look at the degradation. Moreover, this can be before a restaurant fire inspection.

Rust and corrosion affect restaurants mostly due to the humid environment. Inspection of key components is vital because they can be inoperable. Visual fire and safety inspection will help to detect if something is wrong. Although a professional should always do a proper annual fire alarm service and inspection.

A hydrostatic test can be during your annual fire alarm service and inspection. However, if the extinguisher fails this test, it should be replaced immediately.

Fire extinguishers cylinders are pressurized and can be depressurized over a long period, causing dysfunction. It is advisable to have a fire and safety inspection monthly and check the pressure gauge on your device.


Ensure Your Home Or Business Is Protected

We have established that fire extinguishers do not necessarily have an expiration date. Although, they require replacements or recharge even after proper maintenance. The best way to ensure your devices are ready and functional is to get fire alarm service and inspection done by professionals.