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Apart from another world war, we dread fire outbreaks. They claim lives every year and destroy buildings and properties. While getting any fire alarm system installation seems enough, it may not. Consider a system that sounds an alarm when fires start, then secondly; it goes ahead to put it out for you. Isn’t that amazing? That is what a fire sprinkler system does.


Fire Sprinklers For Your Fire Alarm System Installation

Whether it’s a residential or a commercial property, fire sprinklers are a worthwhile investment. While at it, you probably wonder, how do they work?

  • Heat detection

Unlike popular opinion, sprinklers don’t detect smoke but the heat charging up. To put it into perspective, when the fire starts, the air directly above it gets warmer and rises, spreading all over the room and the ceiling in particular. Once it is hot enough, the system is triggered and reaches the sprinkler head.

Typically, sprinkler heads consist of a glass bulb with glycerin-based liquid. Exposure to roughly 135 to 165 degrees of hot air expands and breaks the glass, activating the sprinkler head.

  • Extinguishing the fire

The system has several sprinkler heads, each connected to a pipe, also attached to a water supply. The alarm valve opens for pressurized water to flow from the pipe when the specified sprinkler head is activated, passing the alarm bell. As a result, pressure will drop and activate the alarm pressure switch, which finally activates the alarm that calls the fire brigade. Keep in mind that the water must be pressurized to spray outwards in an arc, thus extinguishing the fire efficiently to inhibit re-ignition.


How To Maintain The Fire Sprinkler System?

The system can go for years without use, and with that, it’s easy to forget that it requires professional maintenance from a fire sprinkler company. Any system works well when it is regularly and adequately maintained. Do that in the following ways:

  • Examine the non-electronic control valves

These valves have to remain open to release water if there is a fire outbreak. A proactive building manager should check the valves every week to affirm this. For electronic valves, schedule a comprehensive sprinkler system inspected annually.

  • Look out for coatings on sprinkler heads

These systems accumulate dirt layers and grime that may inhibit water passage from the heads. It is especially true when the sprinklers are placed in greasy areas like kitchens. To remove the coatings, wash them with a non-residue, non-corrosive degreasing solution. Keep in mind that your ceiling painting project should not reach the sprinkler system.

  • Examine the sprinkler’s water pressure

As we had said, only pressurized water douses the fire in an entire room effectively. Additionally, it is advisable to have a water sprinkler professional or plumber check the pressure every quarter.

  • Get an inspection!

All sprinkler systems should undergo a professional inspection yearly to ensure they are working correctly. The annual inspections are thorough and may establish issues your weekly or quarterly inspection didn’t.


Get Reliable Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire sprinkler systems are essential for our safety. At the same time, it is also crucial to ensure an expert fire alarm system installation from a reliable company. For a dependable, trustworthy, and responsive firm, Premier Fire Alarms And Integration Systems Installation Division Inc. offer various security products at competitive prices.