Whether you are just starting out your small business or properly maintaining it, the issue of a fire alarm system will come up at some point. You may be wondering how much a fire alarm system costs, and how to go about installing one properly and efficiently. Premier Fire Alarm System in Broward County, Florida, is the perfect company for such services. We install any type and kind of fire alarm system your business needs, with licensed and certified staff available 24 hours a day.


Every System Will Be Different

In order to have the most accurate estimate on the cost of a fire alarm system installation, you’ll need to have a professional commercial security expert come out and inspect your current system and building. They will be able to evaluate many different factors and considerations, including current city codes and rules surrounding your structure and what you need to install to stay compliant. A fire alarm system price can vary on the size of your business and what your business does. If it’s more of a commercial selling space, there are less security and fire hazards surrounding your business than say, a manufacturing building which will involve lots of heavy machinery. There are three main factors to consider, though, that we will dive into more thoroughly. They involve the building’s size and complexity, the type of equipment needed, and the monitoring needs and fees.


Your Business’ Complexity

Again, listing out every single corner of a building and it’s needed code and alarm system would be hard to cover in one article. But speaking generally, the bigger the building, the more expensive your fire alarm installation will be. It’s essentially because you will need more fire alarms and sprinklers, among other safety features, in more square footage than a smaller building. If you have multiple floors and a large space, the cost can greatly increase as the footage is determined. On average, installation is typically around $1-2 a square foot, but more complex installations can go higher, around $3-6 a square foot. If your building is older, the cost will most likely be more expensive as the alarm system will need to be retrofitted to the existing building, which will involve more rewiring. This can cost anywhere from $4-12 a square foot depending on the age of the building and how much rewiring is needed.


Another factor is the specific equipment you will need for your building, which will be decided mostly by your local fire alarm codes. One of the most important components of a fire alarm system are the sprinklers. Expect to spend around $2 a square foot for an installation in a new building, while retrofitting will cost around $4-10 for a square foot. Smoke detectors help to monitor the smoke levels in a building and come in a wide selection of models, depending on your needs. They will typically cost between $10 and $65 each. There are also many carbon monoxide detectors available for your business’ building. These will range from $15 to $150 each.


Monitoring Fees

After your fire alarm system installation, there are also monitoring fees to consider. If you choose to have an outside monitoring company help protect your building, this will be a monthly cost ranging from $50-70. This will of course vary depending on the installer itself, the equipment and type of monitoring you are looking for. The company will automatically alert emergency services if there is a fire threat or danger detected, saving you valuable time in case of an emergency.


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Knowing how much your fire alarm system installation will cost is critical in getting your business set up for success and safety. Premier Fire Alarm System in Broward County, Florida, has almost thirty years of experience in the fire alarm installation industry. We provide many safety and fire alarm services, including annual certifications, installation services, fire and burglar alarm monitoring contracts, and much more. Call us today to get started!