One common and highly protective measure for your company’s safety is fire alarms. But how often do you really upkeep them and maintain their working conditions? And when was the last time you upgraded your fire alarm system? Here in Miami, Florida, Premier Fire Alarm Systems has been providing the community with high quality fire and security systems for over 27 years. 


Proper Maintenance

The key to a great functioning alarm system is obviously tied to proper maintenance, but oftentimes this can get easily overlooked. Running a business and keeping up with the normal day-to-day activities leaves you with little time to focus on the little things, like all the aspects of your building that need regular maintenance. Testing your fire alarms regularly will help you understand their functions and when they’re starting to decline, which can pose further issues down the road. With some items, it’s easy to push them off and wait until they’re in older condition or starting to lose their luster before replacing or fixing, but a fire alarm is not one of those items. Most fire alarms will last about 10-15 years before they start to experience malfunctions and potentially become less reliable. It’s ideal to replace the system before this date, to ensure there are no malfunctions at all, but if you find yourself right in the middle or near the end of this timeframe, it’s critical to replace your system with a fire alarm company to ensure everyone’s safety. 


Fire Alarm System Upgrade

It’s not simply time to upgrade your fire system just when it’s faulty, but if you also happened to change your facility in some way, added processes, or have undergone renovations or expansions. Ensuring your building is up to code in general plus in fire safety, will help your business thrive and protect all who enter. You may also need to upgrade even if you didn’t expand or renovate, but simply changed your business in some way. Depending on your business, the amount of people in certain spaces or the amount of equipment may vary your codes and requirements, thus it’s always ideal to stay on top of your safety codes and restrictions. 

Another sign it’s time for an upgrade is when your alarm system starts to malfunction or becomes too sensitive. Your fire alarms can either be too sensitive or not sensitive enough, causing clear safety concerns that need to be addressed promptly. Insensitive alarms may not detect the beginnings of a fire, thus putting your employees or tenants at extreme risk and hold you liable. Too sensitive of an alarm will only cause frustration from you and your employees, and may even lead to desensitization situations where people won’t take it seriously if it’s constantly being tripped, but could still be alerting people to potential dangers.  


The Bottom Line

You want the best protection around for your business, which means maintaining your alarm systems regularly. It’s always easy to get caught up in other activities while running your own business, but setting reminders and contacting fire alarm installation companies to provide equipment inspections will help keep you up to date. Even with updated and upgraded equipment, it’s still vital to conduct regular maintenance and inspection tests to ensure everything is running optimally, and will continue to do so for many years. 


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