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To ensure your business is protected from fires and other catastrophes you will need surveillance in your property. This article will talk about two types of monitoring devices namely: cellular fire monitoring and radio fire monitoring surveillance.

Fire alarm monitoring in Dade county refers to having an alarm that automatically goes off in case of fire in your building or place of business.

There are a few ways of doing this, such as cellular fire monitoring and radio fire monitoring. Here’s a look at both of these options.

Cellular Fire Monitoring 

This is installed to receive a signal that there is fire or smoke in a building. It is the cellular alarm then contacts your local fire station. It uses a cellular signal and is connected to a cell tower meaning it works like a cellphone.

Benefits of Cellular Fire Monitoring

Using this fire monitoring is advantageous as the signal is transmitted very fast. With this fire station is alerted quickly and there is a fast response to the issue and managing the problem becomes easier.

They provide continual protection. Cellular fire monitoring works with large cellular networks. Meaning connection is never lost as you will always be connected to a cellular network.

Remember with a cellular connection even when there is no power the notification will still go through. It is affordable. It is cost-effective as it doesn’t cost much to install and maintain.

They are easy to install, as they don’t need telephone lines to function, hence the installation process is fast.

Radio Fire Monitoring

This is a wireless mesh radio network that is used for fire alarms. They have a radio transmitter that uses cellular radio communicators to send signals.

In case there is a fire the radio fire monitoring goes by sending a signal to the main control system. You can be sure with the system the problem of having cords and wires replaced monthly is resolved.

Benefits of Radio Fire Monitoring

This monitoring system works well even if it is installed in the most remote areas.

  • They have a Reliable transmission signal.
  • In case of fire, the alert from this monitor is immediately sent by installed radio transmitters to the monitoring station for help.
  • They have lower operating costs.
  • You won’t have to deal with ugly cables or damage to your wall


  • They use batteries and you’ll need to frequently check and replace them when needed. Failure to do so will render the whole system useless. Also, some batteries are expensive, and replacing them often will prove to be costly.
  • They may be affected by limited range, the signal will not cover the entire building. This issue makes the system not operate reliably.

Difference between Cellular Fire Monitoring and Radio Fire Monitoring

These two alarm systems don’t have a lot of differences.

  • Cellular monitoring uses a cellular signal from a cell tower while radio monitoring uses cellular radio communicators.
  • Radio monitoring uses batteries while cellular monitoring doesn’t.
  • Cellular fire monitoring uses large cellular networks that ensure it is never out of signal. While the radio monitoring may have limited range and the signal gets weak.

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