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The fanciest fire alarm is no good if no one hears it and takes prompt action.

A fire alarm monitoring system is a service provided by a qualified and approved company to monitor and evaluate your fire alarm round the clock. In case of a fire, the company acts swiftly to inform the fire department and critical persons.

Premier Fire Alarm Systems provide the most efficient fire alarm monitoring in Florida. Our services cover Broward County, Palm Beach County, Dade County, and Hallandale. Our staff is qualified, licensed, and certified by all the relevant authorities.


Why Contract Us for Your Fire Alarm Monitoring Florida

  • The Fire Code requires a particular class of buildings to install and monitor fire alarm systems by an approved supervising station in line with NFPA 72. You want to contract with the best.
  • Fire alarm monitoring guarantees you a rapid response in case of a fire. We have devised and perfected rapid response mechanisms that limit the loss of life and property.
  • Our response mechanisms are capable of evaluating and singling out false alarms. Useful as fire alarms are, false fire alarms are inconveniencing and annoying.
  • Premier Fire Alarm Systems monitoring services assure minimum disruption to your business. Suppose there is a genuine alarm we have dealt with timely. If the alarm is false, we make sure it doesn’t ruin your day.
  • Our fire alarm monitoring services guarantee you peace of mind. Home or away, you know any fire accidents will be responded to quickly and professionally.

Are alarm companies in Florida worth the money they charge? If you installed a fire alarm system, it must be to protect the people and property you care for. It is worth every penny to take that extra step to maximize their safety.


So, how much will fire alarm monitoring cost you? 

This varies from provider to provider and depends on the range of services provided. Monitoring a commercial fire alarm system will cost more than a residential fire system, for instance.

The type of fire alarm equipment you use determines how much it costs you to have it monitored. We could sell you the equipment, or we could let it to you. If you buy it, you incur a one-time cost. The devices may cost you between $ 300 to $500.

We monitor your fire alarm in four different ways, each of which has different cost implications. Phone lines are the most costly means of monitoring because of the extra equipment required. The other means are the internet, cell radio, and AES radio.

Premier Fire Alarm Systems perform routine inspections of your fire protection system, as well as certifications, tests, and compliance reports. All these enhance the quality of the services we provide you, while the law requires some.

All these determinants help answer how much it costs you to have your fire alarm monitored. Alarm companies in Florida charge between $ 50 to $ 250 for monitoring.

It is the thought of your loved ones and valuable property safe from accidental fires that should be at the top of your mind when you choose a fire alarm monitoring company. Consider the value your company brings you. For fire alarm monitoring in Florida, contact us at Premier Fire Alarm Systems.