Fire is one of the most destructive forces on earth. It has ravaged millions of acres of forests and has caused cities around the world to spend billions of dollars on repairs. As the urban population continues to grow, fires will become more prominent in these areas. To prevent fires from destroying our cities, Miami Dade County has put in specific routine fire alarm inspections to help the public be more prepared if a fire were to occur. Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc. is here to help. By installing our premier fire alarm bi-directional amplifier or BDA system to your building, you can be sure that when a fire arises, our system will notify the help you need as quickly as possible. Your person and your property are of utmost importance. Using our system and routine fire alarm inspections run by the state, you can rest assured you and your possessions will remain safe. 

5 Reasons To Perform Routine Fire Alarm Inspections


  1. Protection – There is no doubt about fire being dangerous. It has and always will be devastating when fire erupts. The best way to deal with a fire is to prepare. One of the easiest ways to prepare for a fire is through routine fire alarm inspections. These inspections, coupled with our BDA systems, meaning that you will be as prepared as possible.


  1. Law – In Miami, Dade county building owners must adhere to several specific federal and state laws which require building owners to have their fire alarms inspected regularly.


  1. Investigate Potential Faults in the System – Eventually, all types of systems begin to succumb to wear and tear. If you have your alarms inspected regularly, you can be sure that no issues are occurring. It could be something as small as a frayed wire that may hinder communication to help if a fire were to happen.


  1. Insurance claims – Many insurers require you to submit a record of your fire alarm inspections to claim money from insurance. If an owner cannot provide these records, they may be held responsible. 


  1. Liability – If there is an injury during a fire in a building that has not adhered to a recent inspection, the law can punish the owner for the injuries sustained by the fire. This liability issue is critical to apartment building owners. 

What Are Bi-Directional Amplifiers?

Bi-directional amplifiers (BDA); is a system that uses multiple in-building antennas to amplify transmissions. In short, it is a series of amplifiers that help intensify the signal being put out by a tower atop your structure. These systems also help phone communication by routing the tower to cell towers in the area. This helps the people outside know what is going on inside. 


Why Use Bi-Directional Amplifiers?

There are many different building regulations that owners need to adhere to in Miami Dade county. One of them is making sure the integrity of the structure can withstand hurricane-force winds. These regulations mean that many radio/cell phone signals have a hard time going through the building’s concrete walls. With bi-directional amplifiers, they go through the donor antenna and then into the building. This provides a more straightforward pathway for radio signals. 


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