The fire alarm system is an important safety feature in any building, and the law has mandated building owners to maintain a working fire alarm.

You need to put your trust in professional fire alarm companies to make sure that they are taking safety precautions to maintain the quality of the fire alarm. The last thing you need for you, your family, or any of your employees is prevention from the risk of injury or death, but the failed alarm is not supposed to sound an alert. Consider getting in touch with Premier Fire Alarms And Integration Systems Installation Division Inc. for assistance.

The fire alarm industry is constantly evolving. Fire alarms have become more advanced and can detect everything from smoke to flames and even CO2. But as the industry continues to change, so does the need for professional companies who can maintain these devices and help protect people from harm.


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  • Why should fire alarms be maintained?

All fire systems must be tested and maintained regularly to prolong the system’s life and promptly rectify defects. If the system is not adequately maintained, it cannot guarantee the safety of the property and the lives of the residents in the property. Also, the regulatory reform order 2005 requires all safety equipment to be maintained in good repair, efficient working order, and in an efficient state.


  • Categories of fire alarm inspections

You must regularly inspect the components of the fire alarm system. Everything is inspected, from the LEDs, smoke, heat, duct detectors to the control panel, fuse, and aural and visual alarm signals.

You need fire alarm companies in Florida to conduct annual, semiannual, and weekly visual inspections of the fire alarm system as determined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


Visual inspections

You need to conduct the visual inspection once or twice a week or twice a year.

  • Weekly inspections.

The equipment such as fuses, power supplies, LEDs, trouble signals, and control panels get inspected visually every week.


  • Monthly or semiannual visual inspections are done.

It would help if you inspected the batteries visually on a weekly or semiannual basis for corrosion. Initiating devices such a smoke, heat, and duct detectors must go through visual inspection semiannually.


  • Annual visual inspections:

Inspect all the fire alarm components visually once a year to ensure no detrimental changes.



The fire alarm system also needs to be tested to ensure it functions properly. Most of the components require annual testing, while some may need semiannual testing. A professional should test to ensure that the fire alarm system and all detectors work and communicate properly. Also, the power sources, battery backup is tested to ensure they are in good working condition. If a fire alarm company, Miami, monitors the alarm, it will verify it reaches them.

The law requires that fire alarm companies conduct regular and annual inspections to ensure the safety of the property, employees, customers, and family members.


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