Engineered life safety systems are pretty complex, but it is essential to understand how they work and why they are important. ELSS Florida is used across various industries, including healthcare, education, commercial buildings, and more.

These systems incorporate fire detection and alarm systems as well as smoke control. They help ensure that people in the building have the necessary information to evacuate when faced with an emergency like a fire or natural disaster.

It’s also possible for these systems to include other features such as panic buttons, sprinkler monitoring, or even elevator recall. It will enable users to get out of the building quickly if need be. If this is the system you are looking for, get in touch with Premier Fire Alarm Systems today.


ELSS Florida and what you need to know

When Is ELSS Needed

Engineered life safety systems are required in two different ways.

  1. First, a single means of egress is an automatic requirement if more than 50 occupants or employees are on one floor; any amount above this should have at least two means of exit from each occupied space.
  2. The second type includes all buildings that exceed three stories in height with occupant loads of over 300 people. These must also include at least two exit paths for every story—an occupancy level within the building and additional stairwells placed throughout the structure.

The occupants do not require travel down corridors longer than 200 feet without access to another emergency route.

An Engineered Life Safety System consists of three components:

  • A systemized compartment, or firewall, to stop the spread of a fire.
  • Smoke detection and alarm system that is high-quality enough for firefighters’ use.
  • Life safety sprinkler system connected with water tanks on each floor. In case there isn’t pressure from local hydrants.


There are several types of life safety-engineered systems and, they include:


  1. Alarms that detect fire

A fire detector alarm sounds when there is a risk of the sprinkler system’s life safety components being activated. You must leave the building with haste, even if the sound has stopped after this event.


  1. Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are essential in any building. It notices any sign of smoke when cooking. It would be wise to shut it off.


  1. Safety Sprinkler System

Safety sprinklers usually are attached to the ceiling of most commercial and residential buildings. If there happens to be fire or detection of heat, it releases water to extinguish the fire.


  1. Smoke transparent systems

Smoke purge systems are designed to eliminate the smoke from a building once the fire is extinguished. It allows firefighters and rescuers to rescue people in less time, which increases their safety. It also helps to resume operations at the facility fast. It is because this reduces economic damage to businesses or institutions.


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