If you are one of those people who want to have a thorough understanding of things before making the purchase, you are definitely in the right place! We have filtered out some of the commercial fire alarm systems ‘ frequently asked questions for people looking to buy fire alarm systems or want to enhance their knowledge about their currently installed fire alarm system.


Understanding your fire alarm system

Considering the importance of a fire alarm system, it is no surprise that it can be complex and challenging to understand. However, certain fire alarm-related things that a user should make themselves aware of so they can ensure that their fire alarm system is functioning to the optimum level. They require frequent maintenance and regulation checks, and keeping up to date with your fire alarm system can be very tricky for some users. At Premier Fire Alarms and Integration Systems Installation Division Inc., we have received a ton of questions over our years of service. To make life easy, we decided to answer some of the most common ones today so let us dive right into it!


Do I need a fire alarm system in addition to my fire Sprinkler system?

There is no black or white answer to this question. The answer is dependent on the laws and codes that prevail in your jurisdiction. However, fire sprinkler systems have a slightly different purpose from fire alarm systems. The job of a fire sprinkler system is to get activated once the smoke has flooded the building. On the other hand, a fire alarm sends off a warning signal that indicates that it is high time people should start evacuating the building.


What fire alarm devices should be installed in my building?

Like the question above, the answer to this question is subjected to the occupancy status of your building. The structure and design of the building are also dominating factors here, such as the number of emergency exits that are available. Depending on how many inhabitants are there and the exits available, the devices that need to be installed will have to give the people in your building sufficient time to evacuate the building without creating havoc and getting into a state of frenzy.

At the very least, the building you are living in has the most basic fire alarm devices such as a smoke detector, horns, strobes, and pull stations.


Does my fire alarm system need to be monitored?

When it comes to fire safety, monitoring indicates bringing a fire incident into the knowledge of the central station through a phone or internet connection. Depending on the seriousness of the incident, the central station will act accordingly and alert the relevant authorities for rescuing purposes. If your building does not have someone present at the front desk, it would be good to monitor the fire alarm system.


Is it okay for my fire panel to beep constantly?

If you can hear constant beeping from your fire alarm system, this might signify something is wrong with the system, and you should get it checked. This could be due to one of the devices malfunctioning or requiring maintenance or clean-up. If your environment is not clean, this could also corrupt the functioning of your system and cause it to beep constantly.


How often should I get my system inspected?

Depending on the scale of your building, if it is a small-scale project, then an annual inspection is sufficient. However, larger-scale projects will require more frequent inspections to ensure that they are running smoothly throughout the year, and then the inspection process can be carried out in fragments throughout the year.

We hope some of your queries have been answered and you have a better understanding of your fire alarm system!