In every business, Security plays an important role. For this reason, companies continue to invest in security systems knowing that it helps them develop and make advancements. And today, various companies provide security systems services to assist in specific areas.

Commercial building security systems, compared to residential security systems, are usually extensive and offer numerous protection as it is responsible for accounting for the vast majority that commutes in a business area and the transmission and storage of data of businesses. Residential Security usually includes door locks, camera surveillance, and alarm locks, while businesses require complex systems that go beyond boundary protection.

Let’s examine some of the best commercial building and business security systems in 2022.

5 Best Commercial Building And Business Security Systems for 2022

Businesses today want something beyond just smart locks. They need complex and detailed systems. Some businesses require customized Security, something that perfectly works with the building.

ADT, SimpliSafe, Frontpoint, Bay Alarm, Vivint, and are some top brands to consider for specialized security systems for businesses.


ADT is one of the top brands when it comes to both residential and commercial security systems. It offers the best commercial building and business security systems. ADT also specializes in custom security solutions. So if you are lost in choosing what security systems would work best for your business, ADT might be just the one you need.


This is one of the alarm companies in Palm Beach County that can help you with less expensive security systems.

SimpliSafe provides DIY business security systems at an affordable price rate. This allows businesses on a budget to go for basic security systems like cameras, locks, and monitors that keep the surroundings in check and detect disasters (like fire and flood).


Frontpoint also uses DIY methods, offering price rates that suit businesses on a budget. Frontpoint doesn’t have a professional installation plan. For installation, you can contact fire alarm companies in Florida, like Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems Installation Division Inc.

Frontpoint security systems are not hard to install as it is DIY based. So calling an installation company is optional. For a business that wants to avoid the cost of professional installation and yet wants quality, Frontpoint is a good option.


Vivint works well with customized security systems, providing the best commercial building security systems. It helps businesses determine what will suit the building considering the structure, size, and other factors. So if you think that it is hard to decide on security systems that suit your business, Vivint services might be your answer. Vivint also offers quality systems at accessible price rates.

Bay Alarm

Bay Alarm provides all the basic security systems, plus a few extras that make their commercial security system stand out. The office security systems are great for new firms that want further assistance.

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