Code Consulting


At Premier Fire Alarm and Integration Systems, we assist you in ensuring that your fire alarm system complies with nationally recognized testing laboratory standards, the national fire codes, the Florida building code, and the Florida fire prevention code. We specialize in the design, auditing, and verification testing of building fire protection and life safety systems.
Our code consultation services include:


  • Comprehensive code analysis
  • Code strategy analysis
  • Code conflict resolution
  • Code documentation
  • Equivalency formulation
  • Means of egress analysis
  • Site investigations and surveys
  • Plan review


How our code consulting services will help you


  • We reduce costly redesigns
  • Highly effective scheduling
  • Conflict resolution of multiple codes / standards
  •  Improved fire protection
  • Customized services tailored to your exact specifications or design
  • Time savings through innovative equivalencies
  •  Highly experienced and experts and knowledge of codes

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