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Before Jan 1, 2022 all buildings with insufficient in-building radio frequency coverage in critical areas of the building must install an ERCES/BDA (Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems/Bi-Directional Amplification Systems). This provides only a 24-month window to install the ERCES/BDAs—including retrofit into existing buildings—into every building with poor in-building radio coverage.

BDA systems are much better at transmitting signals to emergency management services. This will ensure that your business is being protected no matter where fire may originate in the property. We use the latest BDA software and equipment to provide reliable radio frequency signal transmission and guarantee the fastest response and fire protection in your building and for your assets.

Premier Fire Alarm BDA Systems include features designed to meet Florida-specific requirements that provide a first-mover advantage to our ESDs in Florida to help building owners meet code—in advance of the mandated deadlines.

Did you know that ALL existing buildings & newly-constructed buildings in Florida are required to have a Radio Frequency Signal Strength Survey? Do not risk getting cited by code compliance. It is time to complete the signal strength surveys for your building. Do it now before you get cited and avoid paying ridiculous fines.

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What does the ERCES/BDA requirement mean for my business?

Construction codes in Florida have changed over the years, requiring the use of “enhanced building materials” such as solid-poured concrete walls and LEED-Certified windows, which are great for withstanding hurricanes, but very poor for radio and cell phone reception. These “Enhanced Building Materials” prevent radio signals from entering the building and cause communication issues when indoors. To provide reliable in-building coverage, Premier Fire Alarm has designed Radio Enhancement Systems that assist in amplifying the signal for Fire Department radio networks and cellular carriers based on your facilities’ needs.

The diagram below shows how the system works by amplifying the signal inside the building, transmitting to the antenna which will communicate with the public safety repeater.

Premier Fire Alarm Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA)

The Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) receives a signal from the Donor Antenna and amplifies the signal inside the building. It also receives transmitting signals from handheld devices inside the building and sends them out to the communications tower through the Donor Antenna. BDAs work best when connected to a network of in-building antennas called a Distributed Antenna System.

You will need to install new amplifiers or upgrade your system to become code compliant. Premier Fire Alarm Systems is ready to help you become compliant.

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