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The Leader and Most Proven in the Business. With our technological expertise and unrelenting dedication to customer service, Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Installation Division Inc. has truly set the fire and life safety standards to which others aspire. To ensure we maintain our reputation as providers of cutting-edge detection equipment, and to best customize fire and life safety solutions to customer’s needs, Premier procures detection equipment from a variety of proven experienced vendors and manufacturers.


Our expertise comes into play when our skilled professionals go to work to design, install, inspect and maintain your fire and life safety systems. Our mission is to ensure customers dependable, uninterrupted operation of systems that comply with complex municipal fire codes. Our systems also help their owners qualify for substantial insurance rate reductions.


As in all aspects of Premier’s operations, our team of professionals is thoroughly trained to provide you with the finest fire/life safety service available. After all, we have a proud legacy of more than 20 years of satisfied fire/life safety customers to maintain.

A Sampling of Services

When monitoring service is provided, our detection systems promptly notify Premier’s central station of a fire or other life safety hazard in the earliest stages. The bottom line is the highest quality protection and soundest peace of mind for your premises and you.
Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Inc offers the following fire related detection systems in a variety of configurations. Many can be easily integrated with other building systems for complete control.


  •  Automatic Fire Alarm: Uses fixed or rate-of-rise temperature devices to detect fire within seconds of inception.
  •  Sprinkler Waterflow Alarm: Detects the flow of water when a sprinkler system is activated.
  • Sprinkler Supervisory Service: Monitors the condition of various functions of the sprinkler system, such as low water pressure, temperature, gate valve positions and fire pumps.
  • Industrial Building Supervision: Includes monitoring of functions such as boiler failure, abnormal increase or decrease of temperature and flood control of the domestic water supply.
  • Smoke Detection: Activates upon the first invisible or visible products of combustion or smoke accumulation.
  •  Fire Alarm Reporting Life Safety and Evacuation System: Designed to meet high-rise building codes.
  •  Connection to Local Panels: Enables Premier to monitor the status of a local or proprietary system from one of our central stations.
  •  Rate of Rise: Senses a fire by detecting a rapid rise in temperature. Used in lieu of sprinklers where water could damage or where aesthetics are of concern.


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