Cutting-Edge CCTV Surveillance

The Eyes of Your Business  

Premier’s closed-circuit television surveillance (CCTV) systems are comprised of equipment from proven manufacturers and represent the very latest in this ever-evolving technology. Premier will design custom surveillance systems to meet the unique requirements and needs of your business, providing it eyes when yours are elsewhere.

Proactive – Not Reactive

An effectively specified, designed and installed CCTV system from Premier Alarm Systems & Integration Systems, Inc. is a tool that can considerably reduce liability and lost revenues to your business resulting from injury, false claims, shrinkage, employee or vendor theft and lost productivity, among other contingencies. Premier’s CCTV systems are proven deterrents to loss and crime. State-of-the-art recording capabilities can capture even the most obscure actions, providing date and time-stamped visual images that create an incident record.

Accountability Provides Peace of Mind  

Premier’s CCTV systems can be integrated with other building protection systems, and are designed to monitor virtually any indoor or outdoor function of your business. These functions include, but are not limited to:
•    Cash-transaction locations.
•    Office areas.
•    Parking lots.
•    Traffic areas.
•    Assembly lines.
•    Elevators.
•    All points of entrance and exit.

Premier’s CCTV systems
can be designed to monitor critical building systems, and can be integrated with alarm points to enable fast response to, and recording of, alarm activity. Premier’s system designers and installers are dedicated to providing you the utmost in customized, flexible surveillance solutions.

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