Intrusion Alarms Protect Lives and Property
Custom-designed intrusion alarm systems from Premier are an invaluable asset to your business, protecting against liability and loss resulting from trespassing, theft or vandalism.
A Premier intrusion alarm system securing your commercial property alerts Premier’s dedicated monitoring professionals to alarm conditions immediately. In response to alarm conditions, 24-hour monitoring stations promptly dispatch appropriate authorities to your business.

Features of Premier’s commercial intrusion alarm systems range in sophistication from the basic perimeter arming to multiple, point-by-point alarm zone reporting and monitoring. Area arming capabilities – automatic or via full-text keypads – simulate the control of multiple systems in one.

Premier’s systems provide managers with the utmost in flexibility and accountability. On-site and remote reporting capabilities ensure that every alarm event, supervisory event and entry code can be tracked and responded to appropriately.


System support of more than 200 individual user codes provides discrimination power. Activity event logs give managers the data they need to evaluate risk and take appropriate action.

Commercial intrusion alarm systems from Premier can also be fully integrated with other critical building detection systems, including but not limited to:
•    Access control
•    Temperature Detection
•    Flood Detection
•    Power Monitoring
•    Generator Monitoring
•    Carbon Monoxide Detection
•    Smoke Detection
•    Fire Detection

An integrated Premier system provides managers with masterful control by generating data from multiple alarm points simultaneously.

With Premier’s advanced alarm technology protecting your commercial property, the security of your personnel and assets is assured.


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